Company Gatherings

Fiscal Quarter Events

Company social events are held every fiscal quarter and give our employees a chance to interact with their peers and colleagues in a non work-related environment. They are specifically designed to promote interpersonal and interdepartmental cooperation through personal interaction.

According to the Company Ethics and Conduct in the Workplace guidelines, the following rules and regulations are in effect:

  • No violence, under any circumstances. This rule is enforced.
  • No displays of Highly Effective Habits above level 1. They are too time-and-resource-consuming to leverage.
  • No work. They are reserved for social interactions, so leave your spreadsheets behind and join in the Company-mandated fun1)!

Dress Code

All staff should be dressed in proper business attire at all times except on the annual 'casual Friday'2).

Men - Black or grey Suit (preferably pinstripe) and Tie. With a white or pale coloured shirt.

Women - Trouser suit or skirt in black or grey. White or pale coloured blouse.

(OOC: As per previous society games there is entirely no costume requirement, so come in whatever you feel like. Of course we welcome those who make the effort to dress up.)

The Harris Seminar Room

All company gatherings will take place in the Harris Seminar Room at Oriel College. A diligent Corporate Exploratory Team left the following directions:

Go through the front gate into first quad, take the arch in the left hand side of the quad into second quad. Follow the path clockwise so you go past the big fancy building. As you go through to third quad, there are some stairs down to a Secret Underground Tunnel. Go through the tunnel. As you come out, turn left and follow the path clockwise til you come to a set of stairs leading up. Don't take the stairs! The door to the Harris Seminar Room is underneath those stairs.

1) “Company-mandated fun” and all other types of fun are registered trademarks of the company. Any use, misuse, dissemination, production, enjoyment, implementation, concatenation, contamination, dissatisfaction or misinformation without the express written consent of the Company is forbidden.
2) The Company reserves the right to redefine annual as 'never.'
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