Prerogative Execution

Prerogative Execution grew out of a combination of martial arts techniques with legal finishing moves. It is the study of achieving a contractually defined goal with minimal effort and maximum likelihood of generating follow-on work.

Gurus set out to achieve exactly that which has been requested of them; no more, no less. A True Master will twist the words to inflate his profit, amusement, and the likelihood of future work for the legal profession. Recall the old maxim, and be careful what you wish for.

Many prerogative executioners will wear only the battle attire of a prerogative executioner. A bullet proof vest or more advanced form of battle armour beneath a fine quality suit, with an expensive pen in their breast pocket for signing their orders into effect.

Creating Synergy

Prerogative Executioners derive their Synergy from negotiations and meetings. The longer and more complicated these meetings, and the more people involved, the greater amount of Synergy created. This can be anything from early morning budgetary reassignment round-tables to multi-stakeholder weekend teleconferences.

Leadership and Bureaucracy are the Core Competencies best employed for leading and organising meetings.

Clear, careful, concise instructions

All Prerogative Execution spells involve writing the aim of the spell as part of the casting process. Due to the nature of the magic, failure to specify clear and concise instructions will likely lead to unwanted complications in how your wishes are effected. The more complex a task assigned the more likely things are to go wrong. More powerful spells allow more focus upon your intentions and thus are able to achieve more complex aims.

The Spells

1st Dan

Aggressive Paperwork Manifestation

Have you ever wondered why people occasionally look like they've been attacked by a shredder? Or if there is something lurking under the filing cabinet going after important files like a washing machine after matching socks? The truth is that these are both symptoms of aggressive paperwork.

Writing a target on a piece of paper, the guru uses an ancient form of origami to infuse Synergy into the created animal, animating it to fulfill its duty. Aggressive paperwork is about as dangerous as a Jack Russel (albeit with sharper teeth), and unlikely to kill anyone. It is however deadly to other paperwork and a significant deterrent against stapler theft.

Requisitioning Pro Forma

The guru fills in a specially prepared form that summons a specifically named item to her. The item materializes almost instantaneously in front of them. Only generic items that are commonly available to at least some corporate employees may be requisitioned, and the issue of the item to the guru will be recorded in a proper fashion from wherever it was taken.

2nd Dan

Flashing the Badge Technique

The guru spends time crafting a carefully assembled set of identity documents specific to the target business unit. In the process they are infused with Synergy such that they will not be questioned upon fear of firing. These papers may then be used to gain access to any requested confidential or other information by walking into the target company and impersonating a relevant authority. These papers will be exposed as blatantly fake to any true representatives of said authority.

Injunction Barrier Technique

Walking into an office, the guru blows upon a pre-prepared stack of legal documents. These fly to the sides of the room where they magically affix themselves. The item or entity named upon them will be unable to enter that office until the injunction has been lifted by a suitable authority.

3rd Dan

Red Tape Meditation

The guru writes the name of the target on a piece of paper tape, which then turns red and flies towards the target. The tape will hover ominously above and just behind the target's head until the target tries to move, at which stage it will begun to wrap around them. Each movement will only serve to energise the red tape, wrapping it tighter and tighter. The red tape will last until it is destroyed or 5 working days have passed, and has been known to slowly kill struggling victims through strangulation.

Reality Auditing Technique

The guru serves notice of audit upon a particular location such as an office or floor of a building. Reality, fearing severe financial penalties, will enforce all existing rules and regulations within the area. This prevents anything within the area from being altered by physical or synergistic means for the duration of the audit, which is about a fiscal quarter. Come marauding armies or gale force tempests not a single piece of paper within the audited zone will be moved out of place. People within the area are similarly protected, though they are frozen in stasis while the audit occurs. This is a voluntary process and anyone objecting has a few moments to leave the area before the audit begins.

4th Dan

Self-aware Financial Instrument Initiation

The guru spends several hours chanting arcane legal formulae as they prepare a massive ream of paperwork larger than their head. Upon filing the paperwork with a local stock exchange they have brought into being a self-aware financial instrument to do their bidding. These entities are truly dangerous, with the innate ability to sense potentially dangerous enemy legislation even as it is being drafted, and the ability to act almost instantaneously to commit a fully leveraged strike at the enemy's fiscal base.

It should be noted that such powerful fiscal entities can sometimes become as much of a threat to their nominal controller as to their intended victims, and will do anything to remain alive once created. It is theorised that several competitor companies are in fact self-aware financial instruments that have gathered capital and physical realm defensive assets to protect themselves after turning on their creators.

The My People will "Talk To" Your People Approach

The guru writes a memo, sealing it in a tube and pushing it into a pneumatic tube. Exactly 12.5 seconds later an army of sufficient size to “talk to” the opposing force will appear. This leaves the guru free to deal with the boss. The army is only temporary and will vanish after negotiations with the opposing force.

Use of this meditation is a Category 3B Corporate Crime punishable by up to three years in Alaska.

5th Dan

Explosive Industrial Regulation Meditation

The guru uses Synergy to successfully lobby the remaining leveraged nation-states to enact an industrial regulation bill. The guru then meditates while directing the energy from the resulting catastrophic market collapse to explosively destroy the vested and divested assets of a single corporate entity in the named industrial sector. Like many nuclear options, there will be fallout.

Prerogative Executioner Form

The guru mediates upon the deepest secrets of Prerogative Execution and a single goal, sustained only by their accumulated Synergy. Once the meditation is complete they emerge from their office with a focused stare, a palpably fear inspiring aura, and apparently superhuman ability to give out and withstand physical damage and a true (but temporary) understanding of Prerogative Execution. The guru becomes an unstoppable corporate powerhouse, any wound immediately written off as tax-rebate, any impediment subject to a massive regulatory assault, and entire legal departments may be trivially brushed aside.

In this state the guru is entirely focused upon their goal, and they are incapable of acting in any way that is not a direct method to achieve their goal, which includes distinguishing between friend and foe. When their goal is achieved, or after 24 hours (whichever occurs first) the guru will pass out unconscious until their body recovers.

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