The Competition

As Sun Tzu wrote in the Art of Business1), “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred corporate takeovers.” It is therefore advantageous to the company that every employee be familiar with the other megacorporations that we compete with for market share and profit maximisation.

The Distributed Operations Group

DOG is the most secretive company of them all. No one knows what they produce, where it comes from, where it goes, who makes it or how. Their office buildings are opaque black monoliths with no obvious doors or windows. They do not advertise. Their website is a blank page that seeds your computer with viruses. Truly, they are the greatest mystery in the world of business.

Global Dynamics Corp.

The world's leading political strategy consultancy and soft-drink manufacturer. Owner of 53 countries worldwide, the UN, the International Court of Justice, and the League of Women Voters. It is headquartered in the centre of the Bermuda triangle (which it also owns) and controls more votes worldwide than any other mega-corporation. Its canned artificial energy beverage 'Quoke Extreme' has a 98% market penetration.

Integrated Finance

IF doesn't make anything at all: they specialise in trading currencies, financial futures, financial pasts, equities, inequities, loans and debts in great ever-increasing circles. If it wasn't for the fact that you can't eat money - although rumour has it their executives can - they wouldn't interact with the rest of the world at all.

The Leonov Group

The Leonov Group was formed from the consolidation of new capitalist interests in post-soviet Russia. They control a large part of Eurasia's energy and manufacturing conglomerates and are not afraid to use heavy-handed tactics to achieve their goals.

Mjölnir Heavy Industries

Mjölnir Heavy Industries represents a perfect alliance between British defence expertise and Swedish practicality. Its “Blüd” line of small arms have carved themselves a niche in every conflict around the world, and governments can get enough of their “Kablöm” ballistic missile systems.

News Incorporated

You need up-to-date facts fast? You need the latest in easy to understand, colourful conclusions? Data? Figures? We have some of those too! News Incorporated is the greatest media empire in existence controlling both 'The Daily Newspaper' and 'The Channel'. Dominion of the world media gives News Incorporated almost total control over the stories consumers have access to, with company newsletters being the only other media outlet in existence.

Onibayashi Systems

Onibayashi Systems is the last of the great Japanese keiretsu. A vertically integrated sprawling mass of interests supported by legions of loyal salarymen and an outstanding R&D department. Sponsors of “SUPER ACTION TEAM GO.”

Ouroboros Genetics Ltd.

Created through the three way merger of GeneForge Xenotransplantations Ltd., Hyperion Global Defense Dynamics and the Happy Toy Co. Ouroboros is the world leader in genetically modified battlefield solutions, custom viral-defense products (as part of its popular M.A.D. line of products), cosmetics and engineered micro-pets. The company is currently recovering from a recent series of Christmas trading-period blunders that saw its GI-X line of battlefield post-life trooper™ accidentally shipped to toy stores worldwide and its popular Micro-puppy™ deployed to several conflict zones worldwide, which was later declared to have constituted a war-crime.

Red Star Trading Consortium

Formerly known as the People's Republic of China, the Red Star Trading Consortium has embraced capitalism with an unprecedented fervor. Leveraging a titanic workforce and a complete disregard for intellectual property laws, the Trading Consortium has brutally carved itself a niche in the manufacture of both commodities and luxury goods.

Terrafogo Megakonzern

Originially a Brazilian mining company, its portfolio diversified in FY2 with the purchase of Greece, Portugal and Spain. It now specialises in the dismantling and repurposing of former nation states to turn them into profitable entities.

Xenocorp Ltd.

Xenocorp is a corporation from beyond the stars, specialising in the extraction of liquid water, and natural and human resources. Little is known about them other than the fact that they offer lucrative contracts to companies willing to procure raw materials.

1) Second Edition, Company Press. The first edition mistranslated “Business” as “War”
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