Writing Your CV

Greetings, employee.

If you can see this page, then it means you are a graduate of the Company's prestigious Fast Track to Success Program and are about to begin your new job at the Company.

All we need from you now is for you to submit your CV to HR. This should consist of a few key facts about your background, skills and qualifications.


  1. Your name
  2. Your job title, including your Department
  3. A brief summary of your life to this point
  4. A short personal biography that will be publicly viewable by other employees

Core Competencies

Additionally, the company expects you to distribute twelve (12) points among the Core Competencies it has outlined as being essential to succeed in the world of business. Should you be a qualified Highly Effective Person, you will instead only have six (6) points to spend.


Furthermore, you are expected to acquire one Positive Qualification as per Company Directive 34-b, Section 3c, under the heading Company Employee Benefit Scheme. You may then acquire up to four (4) more Positive Qualifications which must be balanced out by an equal number of Negative Qualifications.

Submit Your CV to HR

Once this is done, please submit it to gm@corporation.chaosdeathfish.com, where our diligent HR professionals will provide you with feedback and eventually a warm welcome into our corporate family.

Please feel free to peruse the list of company approved Sample CVs.

Welcome aboard. Now get to work.

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