Sample CVs

Roberta Harris, Production Assistant (PRMS)

Core Competencies:
  • Bureaucracy 3 (Cost: 6)
  • Procrastination 3 (Cost: 6)
  • Fall Guy (+)
  • Gossip (+)
  • Security Clearance (+)
  • Accident-Prone (-)
  • Raised by the Company (-)

Roberta Harris works as a production assistant for PR, Marketing & Sales. Her job is to aid in the production of company advertising campaigns. Unfortunately she's terrible at her job. Her core competencies lie in Procrastination (3): She's managed to leverage her incompetence for the good of the company; and Bureaucracy (3), as it helps her hide the fact that she's been siphoning funds in order to produce her own ad campaigns.

Her qualifications are: Gossip (She seems to spend more time around the water cooler than doing her job), Security Clearance (She once found a keycard for a long-forgotten sub-basement lab. She has yet to see what's inside), Fall Guy (She's made sure that Charles, the other production assistant, will take the fall should people realise she's completely incompetent), Accident Prone (self-explanatory) and Raised By The Company (Her skin is permanently a gray chalky colour and leaves odd stains on things she touches. The main reason she ended up behind the cameras rather than in front).

Ella Des Chain, PA to Malcolm Brandt (HR)

Core Competencies:
  • Networking 3 (Cost: 6)
  • Highly Effective Person (Outer-sourcing) (+)
  • Gym Membership (+)
  • Manager Material (+)
  • Fast-Track (+)
  • Resistor (-)
  • Control Freak (-)
  • Favours Owed (-)

Ella is all about success. She has risen fast in the company with her silver tongue (Networking 3) and her mastery of Outer-sourcing (Highly Effective Person). So impressive has she been that she was recently appointed as personal assistant to Malcolm Brandt, one of the executive directors of HR (Manager Material)…though he very much considers that she owes him for this prestigious position (Favours Owed). She's already gunning for his job however and is cultivating a working relationship with the MD of HR, who owes her a favour after Ella 'misfiled' a employee death certificate at her request (Fast-Track).

Of course Ella's ambition is not driven by greed but by revenge, making her rather single minded (Control Freak). At age 12 she watched as the company repossessed her house, her dog and her little brother Timmy. Then at age 14 a breach in a company run research lab resulted in her parents being abducted by a swarm of genetically engineered super-bees. She never saw them again and swore revenge against the Company, joining the resistance three years ago (Resistor). Now she works everyday and trains every night (Gym Membership) waiting for the day when she can confront the CEO and destroy the company.

Emma Veidt, Security Technician (Facilities)

Core Competencies:
  • None
  • Highly Effective Person (Value Stream Mapping) (+)
  • Highly Effective Person (Thinking Win-Win) (+)
  • Power Point Presentation (-)

Emma really doesn't have much going for her. Sure, she's twice as effective as the average Highly Effective Person, but that comes at a cost. She's proven to be woefully inept at everything she tried and has been relegated to monitoring the video camera pointed at the wall in sub-basement 7C. Here, her random, occasional static discharges don't bother anyone, and she's content to not do much. The bosses know where to find her should they need someone who can combine Habits.

Of course that doesn't mean she doesn't have dreams and ambitions. Someday she hopes to win the Company's annual 'Corporate Star' talent competition and be catapulted to worldwide stardom as the latest manufactured pop-act. She just needs her big break.

Carol King, Vulture Capitalist (L&A)

Core Competencies:
  • Auditing 4 (Cost: 10)
  • Leftover Training Points 2
  • Corner Office (+)
  • Fast-Track (+)
  • MBA (+)
  • Specialist (Auditing - Accounts) (+)
  • Control Freak (-)
  • Nemesis (-)
  • Vice (-)

Carol King is a shark, though not a real one, that would be silly, and she's very good at what she does. As a vulture capitalist (again, not a real vulture), she spends her days buying and gutting non-profitable entities to increase the company's market share. As Team Leader (MBA), she oversees a small group of accountants and lawyers. Germaine de Capitation likes her enough to maybe potentially thinking about perhaps doing a favour for her at some point (Fast-Track).

There is a not in Carol's folder that she doesn't play well with others (Control Freak), and has made a particularly vicious enemy in Steve, her rival in the department (Nemesis). All of this is the direct result of her over-dependence on Blastophan!™, a caffeine pill containing catastrophic amounts of what the advertisements describe as “Pure Blast!™” (Vice).

Dr Vincent Stratton, Research Scientist (R&D)

Core Competencies:
  • Science 4 (Cost: 10)
  • Leadership 1 (Cost: 1)
  • Productivity 1 (Cost: 1)
  • Specialist (Science:Multi-dimensional Hyper-Complex Number Theory) (+)
  • Working group (+)
  • Tool (+)
  • Babble Fail (-)
  • Favours Owed (-)

Dr Stratton used to work for Integrated Finance but was fired after wasting company time on his pet-project of Applied Multi-dimensional Hyper-Complex Number Theory (Specialist): attempting to find the biggest (and so best) number, a theoretical value so powerful that it could destroy all other numbers.

Unusually he was able to find another job at the Company and has been able to co-opt some company resources on the sly to continue with pet project (Working group) though this work continues to distract him, preventing him keeping up with company approved vocabulary (Babble Fail) . His work has already yielded results, namely the 'Decalculator' (Tool), a device capable of sucking numbers from any surface when pointed at them, annihilating them.

His work is his obsession but recently a lawyer from Integrated Finance has contacted him and has claimed that IF hold the rights to his research, since it was originally done on their time. They have made it clear that they expect him to spy on the Company for them or be subject to massive legal action. He has no choice but to comply (Favours Owed).

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