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Corporate Communications

Mailing List

For general updates from the GM team about the game, please make sure you are signed on to the society game mailing list: rpgsocs.

You can find details on signing up to the list here:

Mass Memo Restrictions

Employees are restricted to sending mass memos within their own department to reduce congestion in the Company tube network. Sending mass memos to other departments will result in severe disciplinary proceedings.

Only the CEO is permitted to send company wide memos.

Departmental Addresses

The following addresses should be attached to memos intended for delivery to each department.

Legal & Acquisitions:


Finance & Human Resources:

Research & Development:

PR, Sales & Marketing:

Cat-related Media

As per HR Regulation 5320-a, please refrain from sending any of the following through the company Tube Network:

As these have been found to have a serious detrimental impact on productivity, any employee found to be engaged in the distribution1) of cat-related material through the company without the express written consent of an Executive Director or the CEO will be subject to severe disciplinary procedures.

1) The definition of distribution has been extended to cover dissemination, manufacture, production, enjoyment and information pertaining to